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We are excited to share this great news with you!
Rivergrove Medical Clinic is Under New Ownership

Covid vaccine available for all ages

General Medical Services

  • Family Medicine
  • Annual Check-up and Exam
  • General Medical Consultation
  • Prenatal Follow-Up
  • Screening for sexually transmitted infections (STI’s)
  • Preoperative evaluation and postoperative follow-up
  • Influenza Vaccine
  • Travel Vaccinations
  • Immunizations
  • COVID Vaccinations


There is no routine time limit for diagnostic test (lab, x-ray, MRI, CT Scan, etc) results to come back to the office. The time for return of the result is dependent upon the test requested. If there is a result that your Doctor wants to see you about, you will be contacted by the office. If you do not hear from the office and are still experiencing problems or wish to know the results of your tests, please call the office to schedule an appointment.

Vaccination Services

Vaccination General Information

  • Please bring your Manitoba Health Card
  • Vaccines, like any medication, is capable of causing side effects, which can be either mild or, occasionally, severe. The risk of the vaccine causing serious harm is extremely small. Most people who get the vaccine have either no side effects or mild side effects. For more information, visit the Manitoba Health Vaccine Information Page.


  • Mantoux test /school immunization is available now
  • Routine Immunizations are available

COVID Vaccinations

  • We have both Pfizer and Moderna shot available daily

  • No appointment needed

On Flu Vaccinations

Influenza vaccinations are important, however you should not get a flu shot if:
  • You are ill on the day you plan to get the flu shot
  • You have had a severe reaction to the flu shot in the past
  • You have a known allergy to eggs or thimerosal